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moments passing

We can either be overwhelmed at the outward impermanence of time, or sit in each moment and take it in for the beauty it presents. Whether we are moving through the stillness chosen by another, or pausing to observe the steadiness of life around us, we can find beauty in each of our moments passing.

where they meet

There is a beautiful moment when we find ourselves at the meeting point between two others. Sky and land; mountains and valleys; light and dark; known and unknown; the point of contact between these two instills uncertainty and wonder. Seek out the beauty on the edge of your surroundings and find where they meet.


It is often the lack of clarity that brings interest. The clouds of a sunset; the silhouette of a friend; the evidence of change; they all point to a bigger story of which we are a small part. When we look at life for all that it brings, we can see beauty even when we feel like our view, our path, or our plans are obstructed.